Thursday, May 28, 2009

Love you daddy...

Happy Father's day to all dad's 

When I arrived in this beautiful world 
Dad, you were there waiting patiently for me!
when I cried to get things done or acted bold
Dad, you watched smiling and melted to my pleas!

When I asked you about a million things I saw
You told me nice stories and made me learn!
And when I felt bad and pointed to my flaws
You inspired me and cooled my heart burns!

When I grew up and fumbled on teen thorns
You heard me always like a friend on my side!
When I was lost in the paths of future and torn
You guided me around with doors of hope wide!

When I was asked am I a daddys little girl
I looked into their eyes and gave my biggest smile! 
When you looked happy and proud of your pearl
Dad did u knw I was more proud to have you in my life!

You said little but you showed me your deep love
I was eager to fly but I knew you wanted me close
You always found a reason to call me home 
I knew it was your fathers affection at its most!

When my days were good, you were there to share 
When my hours were bad, you came to hold me up
I am so blessed, am so grateful and I have a happy tear
When I think of my great loving daddy , my dear pops..

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mom, I love you..

Dedicated to all loving moms, all over the world!

Mom, do you remember how you were
When I was small and crawled here n there?
You were around like an eagle on watch
And kept me away from the edge of the couch!

My angel on earth, I were for you
A part of thy body, mind and soul.
And when I was hurt I always knew
It was pain for you beyond console!

Sweet little lamb you taught me to be,
Gentle and loving but bold to hold on.
You lived to show me how I should be
Am grateful each day for such a dear mom!

I owe my life ,love and dreams to you
That you prayed for and made it all true!
I hope you live long to hold me when I fall
May you forever be happy and loved by all!