Sunday, June 14, 2009

Solitary Winter!

Inspired by homeless poor people in cold countries..

When days are dark and numbing cold
Not a tree has a leaf that acts very bold!
For who could stay in the freezing storm
When life makes a blank white transform!

Like nature's mourn, the silence creeps,
Seeking a mate, the cold wind weeps,
Roads disappear like in middle of the sea,
And here we stand, solitude and me!

Ask or not,the weather changes unknown
Wish or not, I need to work to the bone!
No bird came by for a friendly chirp this day
Come hard cold days in life,all stay away!

Let sun shine and colours rise from ground
Friends are many to hold hands around!
The smiles stay lit as long as its bright
Winter awaits, and I stand alone in fright!