Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Life's voyage!

As I glance towards the road's end
A cruise starts on its new voyage!
My hopes spring up quite unbend
A new start follows life in earth's stage?

What would I do when I had no job?
Would people eat or hunger anymore?
Death was the end for all needs and sobs
But never can know what else is in store!

Were those wise who abandoned pleasures?
Or did fun lovers make a good choice?
Did I really believe deeds were measures
That judged my end and gave me no voice?

Life and purpose,still a mystery unrevealed
What I wished for, never gave it twice a thought!
Am I living my chance to get my soul healed?
I stare away,seeking the peace a new chance brought!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Beside my window stands few dripping willows,
Peeping along inside, with half bent pine trees
My eyes wake up to these, lying on cozy pillows
Mornin I say to them and think of egg and cheese!

I was asleep when sky laid white blanket on earth
And now papa sun takes it off and wakes me up!
I smile at life and everything that makes it worth
As I look around, sipping my morning cup!

Am no sculptor, am no artist, but I have it in me
To carve and paint this new day, as I want it to be
Past can drag along, but not lead the future way
Better than yesterday should be each coming day !

Earth's still rolling and my mind's still wandering,
Time's someone never bothered by our life design!
Yet its good to take some off and do some pondering,
You never might know when a good thought shines!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Season Swings on me!

Wishing for a bright new day
Was a dream on every winter grey!
High spirits and fun was summer's way
And I did wish it should always stay!

When all sun fun were wearing away soon
And sweat smells lingered around in June,
I wished I could fly to the coldest part of moon
And thought a cool breeze was the greatest boon!

Come , I call you fall days , cool our eyes a while
With your light chilly winds, let me not strain to smile!
I hope those days are far, when your leaves lay in piles
For heart seems lifeless when, bare trees stretch in miles!

Summer smiles, hearing my woes,
Disappears as if I gave it a blow!
Sends me along a light shower show
And finds me again loving the summer glow!

Monday, July 13, 2009

They add colour to life!

Why is it that I always go for that black skirt or black top even when I have atleast 5 of them?? And why do I always think about the lovely whites as angelic no matter how many times I see them in my life? I always liked the Royal look of a black car and the rich feeling of the daily chauffeur-washed white car..these two colours never stop to amaze me in themselves..but they amaze me in yet another way..they become a great background for any portrait that is drawn on them..They do a wonderful job of bringing other colours to life by being their shadow and filling the blank spaces they leave..they are what showed me how a person can be a glorious personality to the world brimming with elegance and pride and yet be that great friend who can bring out the best in us by giving what they can to fill our weak points! These are the friends who make us feel we are the brightest colours of the world..these are the friends who demonstrate the beauty of the other colours by showing the darkest night or the lifeless snowy days in them...but these are the friends who we forget, for their sacrifices and humility..these are the friends to whom we show our pride and mock ..the same wonderful friends who stood behind us to showcase our true colours ! The same wonderful friends who never boasted of their beautiful dark nights or their heavenly white snowy days..but yes..when twilight shines on a lovely green tree, its radiance is unparallelled to any shadow at dusk or any snow flake at night..and yet the rainbow of the fall colours shall not stay forever...and yet the dark nights and passing winter flaunt ur beauty o colours!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Solitary Winter!

Inspired by homeless poor people in cold countries..

When days are dark and numbing cold
Not a tree has a leaf that acts very bold!
For who could stay in the freezing storm
When life makes a blank white transform!

Like nature's mourn, the silence creeps,
Seeking a mate, the cold wind weeps,
Roads disappear like in middle of the sea,
And here we stand, solitude and me!

Ask or not,the weather changes unknown
Wish or not, I need to work to the bone!
No bird came by for a friendly chirp this day
Come hard cold days in life,all stay away!

Let sun shine and colours rise from ground
Friends are many to hold hands around!
The smiles stay lit as long as its bright
Winter awaits, and I stand alone in fright!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Love you daddy...

Happy Father's day to all dad's 

When I arrived in this beautiful world 
Dad, you were there waiting patiently for me!
when I cried to get things done or acted bold
Dad, you watched smiling and melted to my pleas!

When I asked you about a million things I saw
You told me nice stories and made me learn!
And when I felt bad and pointed to my flaws
You inspired me and cooled my heart burns!

When I grew up and fumbled on teen thorns
You heard me always like a friend on my side!
When I was lost in the paths of future and torn
You guided me around with doors of hope wide!

When I was asked am I a daddys little girl
I looked into their eyes and gave my biggest smile! 
When you looked happy and proud of your pearl
Dad did u knw I was more proud to have you in my life!

You said little but you showed me your deep love
I was eager to fly but I knew you wanted me close
You always found a reason to call me home 
I knew it was your fathers affection at its most!

When my days were good, you were there to share 
When my hours were bad, you came to hold me up
I am so blessed, am so grateful and I have a happy tear
When I think of my great loving daddy , my dear pops..

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mom, I love you..

Dedicated to all loving moms, all over the world!

Mom, do you remember how you were
When I was small and crawled here n there?
You were around like an eagle on watch
And kept me away from the edge of the couch!

My angel on earth, I were for you
A part of thy body, mind and soul.
And when I was hurt I always knew
It was pain for you beyond console!

Sweet little lamb you taught me to be,
Gentle and loving but bold to hold on.
You lived to show me how I should be
Am grateful each day for such a dear mom!

I owe my life ,love and dreams to you
That you prayed for and made it all true!
I hope you live long to hold me when I fall
May you forever be happy and loved by all!