Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Season Swings on me!

Wishing for a bright new day
Was a dream on every winter grey!
High spirits and fun was summer's way
And I did wish it should always stay!

When all sun fun were wearing away soon
And sweat smells lingered around in June,
I wished I could fly to the coldest part of moon
And thought a cool breeze was the greatest boon!

Come , I call you fall days , cool our eyes a while
With your light chilly winds, let me not strain to smile!
I hope those days are far, when your leaves lay in piles
For heart seems lifeless when, bare trees stretch in miles!

Summer smiles, hearing my woes,
Disappears as if I gave it a blow!
Sends me along a light shower show
And finds me again loving the summer glow!


  1. Absolutely wonderful ammu. You have captured all the seasons in you perfect canvas.

  2. sharikkum thanne ezhuthiyathanooo?

  3. @rocksea: he he.same pinch..
    @Smitha: thanku dear.
    @Valli: ee blog-il ezhuthunnathu muzhuvan njaan thanneyaa..I take it as a compliment :) thanks Valli

  4. My mind swings through the seasons
    Upong reading this wonderful piece Ammu
    Felt like tender leaves sashaying in cool, gentle breeze

    Keep writing more Ammu

  5. Glad to know u got the cool pleasant feeling of the gentle wind and rustling leaves..Will definitely keep on writing for all the encouragement am getting!!

  6. Really nice poems. So you are really a good poet.All your poems are really good, very lively. You are really a free thinker. Keep on writing.....

  7. Thanks for your good words Anonymous!

  8. di..pls collect your awards from my blog :)

  9. When is the next blog coming Ammu ?
    Its been a while :-)

  10. this poem makes me long for the summer considering the really bad winter this around! :)

  11. @hari & rocksea: got tht emotional outburst block in my brain for some time..hope to start writing soon..thanks for asking
    @ 偷吃 : i dont know which language this is..i tried chinese translation n it seems u encouraged me..thanks for dropping in.
    @mathew: I love ur blog spark..love the way u write..been a silent reader :) thanks for checking out my blog n leaving ur valuable comment.n ya,its really cold this time..waiting for summer to get active again..