Friday, March 20, 2009

A me-me tag on me!!

Now..what do i write abt me? And tht too which are those 25 things that i should write? These were the first questions that zoomed up in me when i saw me tagged by my cousin Maria. She herself has written quite a set of nice facts abt her that gives an insight into her other than the culinery side and she has framed it in a hilariously funny way too..
Coming to facts abt goes...

1. I am very talkative. I do have a starting trouble at times.But once the ice breaks, there is no stopping me. At home ,my main competitor used to be my mom and we took turns in telling my achan[dad] about the days events. Now I torture my hubby with my talks, constantly reminding him that he should be attentive to me and thus take care of his marriage vows[I know there isnt anything coming directly under the vows saying u have to listen to ur wife talk. But I elaborate the caring part to suit my purposes].

2. Music is my constant mood lifter, my consoler and my all time favourite time pass. I love day dreaming listening to music and empathizing myself to some really gorgeous movie star. 

3. I love to read...especially investigative stories. And once i catch hold of one of those books, am glued to my spot till someone reminds me about food! I like to write too when I feel I have something to tell the world!

4.  Kitchen has been one of my favourite spots from when I can remember. I used to take great pleasure in seeing the process of cutting veggies, cleaning fish especially prawns or shrimp, and try my hand at sauteing and garnishing. The only reason no one wanted my help was because the amount of food was reducing considerably with my frequent taste testing. I still find myself attracted to food shows n food blogs and enjoy having an over the counter chat with my kitchen expert aunts!

5. Sports..I guess i wouldnt have glanced at this word if i had a brother sibling. I felt sorry for my dad having no company to watch sports and thats how i first began to take an interest in it. I loved to hear him making suggestions for the coach n captain of the cricket team, the way he yelled when someone dropped a catch [if it was the team he supported] was fun..he would hav reacted even if i wasnt complimenting his opinions..but still i took it as the responsibility of a daughter who should take care of a father with no boy child to share the men's world!! I dont think he ever understood that..though i had the proud air of doing something great for him!! I am sure he must have thot i was trying to catch his attention :D whatever that may be, i started liking cricket.then tennis n monica seles ...and thus it widened to basket ball,table tennis, badminton, golf ,pool n wht not god knws...I did take part in some of them at school...and i still am ready to play if i ever get a chance .

6. I love observing the nature and I enjoy its beauty very much. Though I have been seeing them over more than two decades, I still cast a glance at the blushing orange sun and feel like my cheeks r radiant n smiling too..I look at the blooming beauties around me and feel that being coloured suited none better than them..I look at the spotless blue sky and feel that only they can be more beautiful with the white cloudy pimples on them...and on and on goes my passion for these silent adorable things of joy!!

7. Babies, kids...they are irresistable bundles of happiness and fun. I love to fondle them, play with them, hear their innocent talks and be a part in their harmless mischieves. I often find myself tempted to wake up the little darlings and play with them. And I must say i have successfully attempted that with some of my younger cousins n few of my elder cousins babies. I only had to tickle their feet ..and they wake up with a big siren followed by  mom's consoling n food n then ..its play time !!! :D

8. This may sound strange..but yes..I observe people and try to imitate some of their actions or talks. I dont imitate their behaviour in life but i find myself repeating something that i find interesting, it can be the accent n tone of a news reporter or a new friend, the style of walking , or some facial expressions. So next time people, watching the uniqueness in you :)

9. Religion is something i find necessary . I think its a basic need for everyone to know that there is someone for you , someone who loves u no matter who u are, someone who forgives you no matter what u did, some one who always have time to listen to u, someone who can solve ur problems , someone who can guess what we want and give it to us, and most of all someone who doesnt expect anything from us and will still be there for us no matter what. As we all know, someone who could do all this wouldnt be human and will be divine.. so no matter what anyone says abt god, i would like to believe he is there and is most willing to believe in eternal happiness!! 

10. From when I first saw it, I fell in love with it. Am talking abt that lovely white gown of mother earth. Snow was something which made my breath n heart freeze for a moment. I was lucky enough to have few snow experiences but it still fills me with excitement to watch it and feel it. 

11. I hate ice creams but i love chocolates. I remember that when i was abt 8yrs old, my cousins used to bribe me to tell everyone that i love ice cream so that i can collect my share and give it to them. I watched in amusement how my bully cousin bro appu who used to irritate me always used to soften for this particular occasion! But for chocolates I could cry if some one even asked me a bite for a taste. Well, my hubby agrees that I havent changed much regarding that!!

12. Unlike the normal behaviour of ladies of my age, I take very less interest in grooming myself. I can be very lazy to change even an ear ring that I may go ahead with Silver ear rings , a gold chain and a white dress[I still do not see who can notice if i wear a pearl set with white dress or a small gold chain with some ear ring I think will suit my face].My cousin Maria  and my sis tresa were my  main critics ..not to mention my younger cousins in my mom's side who would keep asking me to look around and learn one or two to have some fashion sense!!  I did the best I could. I simply left my dress material shopping to my mom and the tailoring advices to my sis or Maria. I was bothered only for measurements n was free from complaints!!

13.  Shopping is interesting to me only if it involves something that i have wanted to buy. Dresses, shoes and hand bags are an exception. Other than that my recent shopping interest is kitchenware . Shopping is usually need based and i wouldnt classify myself as a shopaholic being the small kanjoos that I am.

14. I get bored with home interiors from time to time. I know its weird, but I have this habit of rearranging the furntiure and adding or deleting items from one room to another once i get bored with the usual set up. I always used to do this on the first day of my study leave. It was something that gave me a result immediately and uplifted my spirits so that i could finally start studying. My mom just thot it was an excuse to delay studies and never appreciated my sincere efforts :( 

15. On an idle day, the first thing that I find interesting to do is cleaning home. During the busy hours, it would have been scattered with clothes, newspapers, coffee mugs , books...well the usual stuffs. My mom is an extraodinarily strict person when it comes to cleanliness. My dad like most men, never showed an interest in it. Me and my sis were occasional clean people who tidied up things. But then slowly I found a pleasure in cleaning a mess and enjoying the outcome. That lives in me upto this day and is a constant trouble for my hubby as it used to be for my dad. I keep cleaning the tables and arranging things in the shelves assigned to them only to find my dad[nw my hubby] yelling at me to bring it to him. When I tried to reason with him that he should be happy i cleaned the table he used to reply " I find it easier to get all my things from the table rather than searching stop tidying my table" much for my clean intentions!!

16. Driving and dancing. I have attempted these[mainly due to requirement] n can manage just ok... Driving , my dad used to say is a necessity for everyone. Reducing dependability on driving gives a lot of freedom to people i believe. As for dancing, i enjoy watching all forms of dance and appreciate the talent a lot. My dancing classes ended in 4th grade when we shifted home the first time. I only made the next apperance during college group dances when they ran short of people!

17.  I am not a great movie fan. My theatre movie rate was like 2/yr till marriage. Then it changed to like 3/month. Nowadays i find myself asking my hubby whens the next movie coming :) 

18. Tom n Jerry..My all time favourite cartoon. I still watch cartoon network and nickelodeon whenever i get time. 

19. One thing that i remember from my childhood days is tht i was a great foodie. Well , I still am one. I remember the days when I used to complain that food for four was not enough for even me ..such was my craving for food that i loved. I am a rice person and my fav combo in rice is sambhar n pappadam. And chinese food is another of my fav cuisines. I love fish fry too..not to mention the kallu shappu  fish recipes I have had during kumarakam trips.

20. Soft toys are something that i was always fond of. That love hasnt dimished a bit . I envy the kids who are born now and have all the new lovely toys and dolls. I do wish i was born a little late. I however successfully convinced my hubby that soft toys are a romantic gift for ladies . Hopefully he tries to impress me with soft toys on every occasion we celebrate, so tht by the end of 25yrs ..may b I'll have a collection that a 2yr old may envy..after all am asking toys n not diamonds..he shud be happy..

21. I have never given much thought to health and wealth. I always thot it was something for the old parents, elders.I never considered myself in that category until i heard recently abt people of my age being affected by cholesterol, Blood pressure etc. I was wondering if it was really tht i grew old or that people are too unconcerned..or may be both as i finally came to realize. So, at times i take a resolution to watch my diet and my pocket. But havent been progressively successful.

22. Is it a good thing to be frank? It depends on the occasion right? But for me, I never really figured out the so called occasions to be frank that people appreciate it or to keep my mouth shut when so desired of me. So,it usually ends up in awkward moments with my new acquaintances. And being the talkative that I am..I move on to the next topic smartly..or rather.. deliberately.. :D

23. My idea of a vacation is adventure. Be it trekking, water sports or riding on a camel. I give myself a day to absorb the beauty of the place..And then I become a part of it.

24. Patriotism is a word that brings goosebumps in me. I am not so much as a patriot in action. But I do respect the land which gave me a space to grow up. The patriotic songs which came in TV always triggerd my blood cells.."Mile sur mera thumaara", "Vandemaatharam", " Maa thujhe salaam by A.R. Rahman"  are just few of them..

25. And last but not the least, I shall conclude with my few thoughts on Love and Hope. These are like my right and left leg which carries me forward in this short path of life. I wouldnt describe love as something abstract..for from my family and friends I have always felt it in words and deeds. And hope is what I have when everything else seems unreachable. Its hope that gives a pull on my leg and changes my route to make things within reach.

I would like to tag my friends 
Smitha Jobi,
Priyanka Joseph

with me-me tag!! Please take it up only if you are interested..No compulsions.. :)


  1. :) nice :)
    and u didnt tell about ur love for writing.. which u excel at... :)

  2. Thanks Bindia.. I had left it out as it was obvious and thot of giving a chance to another fact of my life that others didnt knw..But i have included a word abt it along with reading. I had almost tagged u too...but saw that sweet poem of ur fav things and couldnt insist u for a similar one again though am sure people wud have loved to hear more abt u!!

  3. di.. very nice write up. I could relate to majority of the facts you've listed here. I still remember bribing you for the ice cream :) and I do miss our weekend trips to convent junction to give the salwars for stitching and all the fun we had and you being talkative, I think that's the reason I became a good listener ;)

  4. Well written :)
    Tough tag though ;)
    Shall take it up for next post...thanks for tagging Ammu!

  5. Maria: Thanku dear.I am sure u could relate all those..would hav been kind of nostalgic for u..
    Soorya: Thanks Soorya..but am sure u can make it even better..Thats why i tagged you.. Am waiting to hear from u..

  6. oh..great work indeed..lovely experience to go through ur 'sense's..flawless expressions..simple but strong language..simply a portrait of ur character..keep on all ears :)

  7. Wow..Thanks for all those compliments. Am Elated!Do visit my Blog in future and drop in your valuable comments!