Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Long Live My Friends!

Crispy green mornings and summer shine
Moist small grasses with gleaming dew smile
I wake to walk in this refreshing dawn
And glance at my garden for new beauties born.

Singing along with cuckoos I wander 
And see my butterfly friends yonder
They sweat me with their chasing game
Their colourful wings are what I blame!

The creek on my roadside gave a silvery glow
I sat on its rocky lap and forgot all woes.
Then came along my friendly breeze
Splashing water playfully upto my knees!

My mighty sun's rays patted me to remind
It was time to keep them out of my mind.
The half built sky scrapers now came to my sight
I pray for another day with my friends as I Write!


  1. wow!!! beautifully expressed....ur poems are quite rhythmical and charming..

  2. Hey Ammu , Your friends are lovely. Your poem brings out their beauty and it has a soothing effect.. Nice rhyming one.
    Long live your friends

  3. felt very fresh reading ur poem... beautiful fresh lines.. the pics are also by you? its beautiful..... Loved the rhyme too...

  4. Thanks a lot everyone!
    @Bindia: The pics were taken by me during one of our trips :)