Thursday, April 30, 2009

An angel from above!

Image courtesy: google :)

I know not if I belong here
I see those which I could never bear
I know not how they speak in fear
I feel that they are devoid of care!

I was sent with promises of love
They gave me as a gift from above
I was told they'll hold me like a dove
And now am alone, where art thou?

I long to see the womb which held me
Was our bond broken with the cord for thee?
Hold me once, its a heart felt plea
I came for you,couldnt you see?

They called me angel from where I came
A useless birth is what you name
I know we could never be the same
I die an angel today,without a life of shame!

Note: The 'cord' referred in the poem refers to the umblical cord which connects the baby to its mother and is cut off after delivering the child.


  1. The angels sadness on not being received with love and no one to care for is portrayed with intensity
    Rhyming one...Evokes painful feelings in the reader.

  2. its possible to see the pain in the poem.Superb creation Ammu..I wonder why u were late to start this blog. Wonderful poem..

  3. lovely poem ammu. it really canvases the pain of the unborn child. good work.

  4. are really gifted,ammu....
    very nice..

  5. probably it had the best of its life in its heaven - the womb. good wishes..

  6. @Hari: This was intended to show the pain of all neglected new lives! Happy to knw u felt it!
    @Diana: Thanku dear. Am so happy when people can empathize with the poem!
    @Smitha,Sarika: Thanks a lot for the encouraging words.
    @Rocksea:I agree with better place than mother's womb..Thanks a lot for ur wishes..