Friday, May 8, 2009

Mom, I love you..

Dedicated to all loving moms, all over the world!

Mom, do you remember how you were
When I was small and crawled here n there?
You were around like an eagle on watch
And kept me away from the edge of the couch!

My angel on earth, I were for you
A part of thy body, mind and soul.
And when I was hurt I always knew
It was pain for you beyond console!

Sweet little lamb you taught me to be,
Gentle and loving but bold to hold on.
You lived to show me how I should be
Am grateful each day for such a dear mom!

I owe my life ,love and dreams to you
That you prayed for and made it all true!
I hope you live long to hold me when I fall
May you forever be happy and loved by all!


  1. Sweet poem Ammuz.
    The lines are so tender, delicate and filled with affection
    Beautiful dedication to all Moms

  2. di kollam ketto, njan litty aunty eni ekm varuvaanenkil kanichu kodukkam ketto...

  3. Thanks Rachel and Hari.
    @Maria, i sent it to her in mail and she has taken a print out n kept it with my photos!! :)

  4. :) i liked it... njan eppola kandathu.... ethiri late ayi poyi..
    hope ur mom has seen it.. she must be so happy and proud of you...