Thursday, May 28, 2009

Love you daddy...

Happy Father's day to all dad's 

When I arrived in this beautiful world 
Dad, you were there waiting patiently for me!
when I cried to get things done or acted bold
Dad, you watched smiling and melted to my pleas!

When I asked you about a million things I saw
You told me nice stories and made me learn!
And when I felt bad and pointed to my flaws
You inspired me and cooled my heart burns!

When I grew up and fumbled on teen thorns
You heard me always like a friend on my side!
When I was lost in the paths of future and torn
You guided me around with doors of hope wide!

When I was asked am I a daddys little girl
I looked into their eyes and gave my biggest smile! 
When you looked happy and proud of your pearl
Dad did u knw I was more proud to have you in my life!

You said little but you showed me your deep love
I was eager to fly but I knew you wanted me close
You always found a reason to call me home 
I knew it was your fathers affection at its most!

When my days were good, you were there to share 
When my hours were bad, you came to hold me up
I am so blessed, am so grateful and I have a happy tear
When I think of my great loving daddy , my dear pops..


  1. that was so awesome!!!!!
    u've got a gift ammu chechi!!!!

  2. touched me :)
    Did ur dad read this? He wud feel on top of the world!!

  3. truly written from the heart!!!

  4. everytime its difficult to tell u 'its really good' for every every posts together inna pidicho "SUPERB ONE"
    its a touching one

  5. so touching.. brought tears on my eyes.

  6. Lovely one this Ammu. Reading this from a Dad's view is an amazing feeling

  7. Thanks a lot everyone!Truly touched by your words
    @Soorya: Planning to show this to dad on father's day..
    @diana: ethra praavashyam nallathaannu paranjaalum njaan accept cheyyum :D
    @hari: didnt know you were a dad..happy father's day in advance!

  8. beautiful dedication to daddy dear..
    well in advance..
    3 cheers to u.....

  9. Thanks a lot Bindia ..cheers to u too..

  10. After reading this particular poem, i miss my dad a lot. I have never missed him so much , as much as i miss him now. Thanks to you who wrote this wonderful poem.

  11. Your words touched me Anonymous..Its a great feeling to be a part of moving someone's emotions in a good way..thanks a lot for that..and I do hope you get over your missing feeling soon!! Your dad would sure be happy to know you missed him!:)