Sunday, February 15, 2009

A heart for me

Though I am speaking of the heart which beats for me, the pic below is the heart cake[attempt] i made for my valentine !

I wasnt sure how it all started
But you sure had me startled
The day you gave your heart to me
And asked for mine with a plea.

It wasnt built on candies or cones
It didnt boast of a heart in gold
What i found was a friendly call
That ur heart told was mine till old.

I held on to it from then to now
And saw me seated on its throne
I'll reign on it and let time bow
To an unending rain of love ever born !

And when I see ur sparkling eyes
I see me dancing in your life
To a wonderful tune that your heart plays
For ur ever loving, happy, content wife!! 


  1. kollam kettooo, njan oru poem person allenkilum I enjoyed reading it :) keep writing n all the best dear for your new venture!!

  2. thanks for encouraging preets.,,i really mean it...i never felt mine was good enuf to show someone!