Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lovely Abstract Things!

Pic:Yosemite Falls, Dec 2008
I was trying to catch a rainbow. Well, they defnitely do exist.
But then why cant i just possess it. why are things so lovely so abstract? Was it meant by the creator that the most beautiful things mustnt be possessed ? When i was playing in the little creek near to my ancestral home, a beautiful wind came to me singing along with the leaves of the rubber, teak and other trees which surrounded me .It blew for just an instant and was gone.How i wanted to hold tht wind and do tht tickling to my face again. And then there was this wonderful smell when the first time rain fell on earth and gave the earth a beautiful aroma..It was so unique..i waited to smell again when the next rain came. But i didnt know it again till next year. If i could just store that unique smell which gave me a fresh feeling like old dusts were washed away and made me pure n radiant like those greeny leaves!! So , thats what God was thinking.It was not 
for me to keep getting all the good stuffs whenever i
wanted.. I had to go through droughts for a year to get the fresh smell of rain..and I had to experience the sun's heat between the cooling rains, to see a rainbow..And once i get the joy out of it, it will be taken away before i get used to it. Was man also abstract then? No. Definitely No. I could possess someone.I could always have him/her whenever i wished. Atleast tht was one lovely thing i could finally possess ,that i could feel, that i could love and keep with me for as long as i wished.Or, so i thought. Creator's rule doesnt change here too i guess. I had barely known him .Its been 10 years . But every single day i was only learning to possess him through all these years. Through roses and thorns in our life, through the entangled strings of his passions in life..i was just starting to know him completely and possess that great heart with all its beauty and burns when it was suddenly taken away from me. That was the moment i despised all lovely things . They are lovely but they are abstract, they will leave me and mock at my burning desire to own them..Only the creator owns everything lovely..and no one else does...and its just a glimpse we get of his heavenly world through this short-lived abstract beautiful things!! Thats my belief..Thats my Hope!


  1. ammoose.... too gud dear.... :)
    pandathe pani restart cheythulle.... very gud.... keep writing.... vaayikkaan nalla rasamundu... :)

  2. Nice one ammu! Keep writing! Some things are better left to themselves.. :) if u try to posses all the rainbows and wind, what do we do? :))) So its wise to "share" :D

  3. @Rajani: Thanks a lot dear. pazhaya vattu cheruthaayittu thudangi..ethra naalathekku kaanumo aavo..thaanum thante paintings-nte oru blog thudangu..and u shud keep copyright too i guess..allel aarelum adichu maatum!!

  4. @Soorya: Thanks for your encouragement!Well, i really want a share of those rainbows and winds..others can have their share too.i don't mind.. :D

  5. Next time try catching a kitten instead of a rainbow! :-)
    Nice write-up

  6. he he..thanx for the tip and good words!!

  7. "It was not for me to keep getting all the good stuffs whenever i wanted.. I had to go through droughts for a year to get the fresh smell of rain.."..

    Thought provoking one Ammu.
    Maybe God decides whether we deserve the good things that we desire..

  8. I agree with u Hari.. God is the ultimate decision maker! Thanks for your comment!