Saturday, February 14, 2009

Philosophically me!!

Like an earthen vessel i stay in this heavy rains of life! At times i dissolve in it and lose myself in its beauty..and at times the rains shatter me with its harsh showers..but someone always takes me back from the earth and puts me in a fire i think i can never withstand..but which only makes me stronger and myself as whole again..!!
I am your wings. Though you cannot see me I will always be there by your side .I will hold u from falling down when u face heat and storms and will take you to your destination where your hopes and dreams lie!

I was a candle, one among millions. It was u who picked me out of the millions and lighted me up. I started burning out my life for u from then. I made u happier by melting out more and more and  making myself brighter for u. I was the only companion for u in the darkness of ur loving heart and in the loneliness of ur gloomy world. I loved u so much that I made stars ur friends who would light up ur dark nights when I wasn’t there. But once u left me alone to see the world illuminated with the fake smiles of bulbs ,fluorescent lamps and lasers. U were lost in the mesmerizing effect of their appealing look that u forgot the stars who came for u those nights. They blinked their thousand eyes  at u  but ur eyes were filled with the artificial smiles of the dancing  illuminations and u never saw them. I waited for  u day and night without knowing that I lost the value in ur life. My heart was melting out  with love for u  but u were busy with ur new companions who made ur nights days and drained your light out of you. You never remembered the sincerity that I showed, to guide you in darkness without expecting anything from u, from when u possessed me. Now ,realizing that am useless in brightening ur life and making u happy  and knowing that my life ,my love, which I wished to burn out for u is valueless, am going back as one among the millions , waiting to melt out for someone who needs me.


  1. This one is quite deep as well, Ammu!
    To me, the 3 paras seem distinct.
    I read it a more than a few times. The last para is a sad one, but ends with a determination "to melt out for someone"..Quite profound. Like this philosophical one!

  2. Thanku priyanka chechy...
    @Hari: These are just a collection of my thoughts.No relation between the 3 paras..just put them under the same post.Thanks again for your valuable comments.Do u have a blog?

  3. Hi Ammu,
    Check when you get time
    Havent written much...and havent written for a while :D

  4. I checked out few of your poems Hari..beautiful thoughts. Since am not a Sulekha member couldnt comment on them. I should admit I was lazy to start another account!

  5. Hi Ammu, the last para is very touching one.. those thoughts went too deep that it found a reflection so perfectly matching.... Keep writing... God bless you...