Saturday, February 14, 2009

A sad Love song !!

Everything was for your love.
It never mattered how,
All others hated me for it;
I never cared about it a bit.

I defied my world for u,
And my world was my family;
I would never get it back I knew,
Yet I came to Ur life happily.

I loved u with an innocent mind,
I cared u with a motherly heart,
I walked with u as a friend in need,
And fought with u like a naughty kid.

Days went by and u were away.
My love was patient till the day,
When I could feel Ur presence again
And see u by my side again.

When birds chirped the arrival of spring,
And sang songs of eternal love,
I sat alone in my old swing
And envied the flowers which blossomed in love.

I cried for u, I fought for u,
I was in desperate need of Ur love.
I forgot Ur hardships for creating,
A world of love just for u and me.

Now one day when u’ll ask me to leave,
All I’ll have is a heart full of grief;
Everything that I did for Ur love,
Will then include the end of this love….


  1. Why it is sad love song...? anyways it is beautiful

  2. The idea was to portray a girl who was desperate for her in a sense its sad.

  3. Quite intense, this expression of love....The pangs of separation run deep in the last stanza.
    You've captured the emotions very well!

  4. Happy to hear your comments Hari!! Thanks a lot for the nice words..